What is Power? by Naazish YarKhan and Taskeen Khan, 9

What is Power?


Power is giving yourself the time and space to take one step at a time, nomatter how small, towards pursuing what really makes you tick and inpursuing it, finding the strength to grow and flourish one step at a time.Permitting yourself to understand that action towards a goal is better thaninaction is power.Power is having goals that are larger than yourself and working towardsthose with single mindedness of purpose.

Taskeen, my daughter:

If you have power, you’re respected.

Power is when most people like you and trust you and know you’re not going to trick them to do something that will harm them.

You have power if you can give someone courage to can help them climb the mountain even if they are sacred..

Power is you face what you’re sacred of. Courage is Power.

Power is believing in God even if your friends don’t believe in Him. You have to be the thick tree. You have the power to stay with what you believe even if your friends don’t.

What is Friendship?


To be the wind beneath another’s Wings. To be a good listener, an empathetic ear, someone who can point out when you’re looking for pity and need to get a life.


Friendship is like Spring. It’s always growing and in spring everything grows and flourishes. If your friendship is like winter, it means you’re friendship isn’t growing, it’s dying because in winter things don’t grow, they die. And if you say your friendship is like all the different seasons you’re saying sometimes it’s growing and sometimes it’s dying and sometimes it growing and it goes in a cycle, like the seasons. My friendships are like Spring.

What is Happiness?


Happiness is sunshine in your home, surrounded by laughter and love – a gathering of people who make you feel loved.


Happiness is when your heart lifts.

Happiness is a memory of or the anticipation of something you’re looking forward to.

What is sadness?




Loss of a loved and important thing or person.

Sadness is when you know what’s coming or what’s happening then and there, and don’t like it. Like getting a spanking.